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Wüsthof Classic Knives Review

Michelle/ September 7, 2015/ Classic Knives Review/

Wüsthof Classic Knives Review: Slicing Through the Competition Today I am reviewing knives that come to us from one of the highest esteemed cutlery manufacturers in the world, Wüsthof of Germany. About 15 years ago, a friend gifted to me my first set of high-quality knives. There were two knives: A traditional cook’s knife and a paring knife. Both were Wüsthof. Those knives quickly rose to the top of my list of favorite things at that time. I was simply giddy every time I sliced effortlessly through a loaf of home-made bread, some raw meat or a tomato. These knives were not new, but they felt brand new to me. And years later they were still sharp, beautifully finished and felt wonderful to the hand. They cut through everything like butter and made cooking a true joy. Sadly, I had to give mine away at a certain point in time. Later I got a set of Cutco knives that were more expensive and simply did not compare to my beloved Wüsthofs. No matter what you are doing in your kitchen, having a master’s set of knives and using them well can give you a thrill right down your spine. If

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