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Lever Espresso Machines: Beauty and the Beast

Michelle/ September 7, 2015/ Espresso Machines/

One of the most wonderful things about courting espresso is that pulling that perfect shot is an ongoing elusive and amorphous proposition. For me, it’s like yoga. You dedicate a lot of time and energy and you get better as you go, but there is always room for more improvement. You’ll have good days, you’ll have not so good days, and at times you’ll hit perfection, but most of the time you’re evolving into the artform. Craftmanship and palate are huge considerations once you have taken your devotion for espresso from the local café into your kitchen. It’s personal now. And the machine that you choose will determine the level at which you want to play. If you happen to be considering bringing a lever espresso maker home, you have decided to play big. So in the spirit of honoring all true devotees of espresso making, I present to you this affectionate analysis of lever espresso machines. Follow-ups to this article will include reviews of the most beloved lever espresso machines, so stay tuned for more. Espresso’s grandfather and primo inventor Achilles Gaggia, creator of one of the most beloved Italian espresso machine brands, offered coffee lovers the first lever

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