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Looking for Coffee Machine Reviews? We Do All the Research for You

Ah, coffee makers. We all love the smell of fresh coffee wafting through the kitchen. And crafting our own warm and delicious cup has become more important as Starbucks and the local cafe have upped the ante on just how good a cuppa can be. The good news is that coffee machine manufacturers have stepped up to the plate, innovating and offering a wide variety of choices to their audience.

But it can be confusing. Do I want an individual coffee maker, or an office coffee machine? Should I roast my own and invest in a home coffee roaster? Or would a good bean to cup coffee machine be sufficient? And how about those pretty Italian coffee makers?

So many choices! And who has the time to research them all thoroughly? Most people don’t.

Coffee makers are abundant on the marketplace, so when you go to buy a new one, we hope you’ll stop by and check out our coffee machine reviews. Coffee and Juicers always picks only the best of the best for our coffee machine reviews. Chances are you’ve done some research before you got here, but maybe not. Either way, you can be sure that if a coffee maker lands on our website, it’s already established itself in the marketplace as a solid winner. That’s why you will probably never see less than a rating of 4 out of 5 on our reviews. We simply don’t give the 1 -3’s real estate on our site. We know that you are just as discerning as we are, and we wouldn’t waste your time with anything less.

When Coffee and Juicers does a coffee machine review, we give you the whole nine yards. In addition to personal extensive research, we dig up all the online reviews we can find for the past few years, both written and video.

We do due diligence on the manufacturer and visit manufacturer product pages to gleen all the information we can. We then sift through all of that information and present to you a balanced and informed review so that serious shoppers have one resource that they can depend upon when making their final decisions.

We also value your opinions and feedback, so be sure to post comments about your own experiences here, we certainly welcome them.

In this section we’ve chosen 5 top notch coffee machines and we’re giving you the pros and cons of each. Some of these are non-traditional, but well thought out and innovative — so relax and enjoy! And thanks for stopping by Coffee and Juicers. We love providing you with the best coffee machine reviews out there because we appreciate you!