The Beginners Guide to 5 Types of Coffee Makers

Michelle/ September 17, 2015/ Coffee Machine/

Do you want a coffee maker? If yes, you will be amazed to know that there are different types of coffee makers available in the market. Unless you have the experience, it is very difficult to choose one machine over another. To make the job easier, I have made a list of the 5 most common coffee maker types for you. Let’s explore the types, shall we?

1. Single Cup Coffee Maker

The single cup coffee makers are perfect for small homes or offices. They are capable of providing a quick cup of coffee within a minute or so. Being one of the most convenient coffee makers, these machines enable you to have the coffee with a single button press only. As most single cup coffee makers don’t come with a lot of customization options, you can have the same quality coffee over and over. On the downside, these machines don’t allow you to change the taste and/or flavor if you want to.

2. Drip Coffee Maker

These are the most common coffee maker types. Using the drip coffee maker is very simple – you pour the ground coffee into the filter, add water, switch on the brewer and voila, the glass carafe will be filled with coffee shortly. These coffee makers start cooking the coffee after thirty minutes or so, which is a major disadvantage. Therefore, if you are using a drip coffee maker, make sure that you making only the amount necessary for the next thirty minutes.

3. Espresso Machines

Espresso is a special type of coffee which is prepared through a different process than the regular coffee. The espresso machines use pressure to force very hot water intofinely ground coffee. While the regular coffee making method is called brewing, the espresso making method is called extracting. Being thicker than the regular coffee, espresso contains more coffee grounds. The strong, bold taste drives both the proponents and opponents of this machine.

4. French Press

Also known as the coffee press of press pots, the French Press is another simple but best coffee maker for the enthusiasts. Due to the convenience of using these devices, most coffee shops use the French Press as instant coffee suppliers. There are some modern iterations of the French Press too. Some models feature a stainless steel body, while some others are provided with a portable design.

5. Percolators

Unlike the traditional coffee makers, percolators use a unique brewing method. They force the boiling water above the ground and then let the water pour down through the coffee grounds. Coffee is made by repeating the process several times.

According to purists, the repeated method provides a burnt taste to the coffee. On the other hand, fans of the percolator claim it provides a richer and better tasting coffee than the regular coffee makers.

When it comes to coffee, everyone has their own preferences. Rather than depending on expert opinions, you should take the decision based on your preferred taste and other requirements. Now that you know about the most popular coffee maker types, go through them one by one and find out which type suits you the best.